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6 Reasons Your Website Needs An Update

  Website trends come and go, but there are many reasons to keep your website updated. We’ve listed six of them in this handy infographic. For small businesses with static websites, we recommend that you review it once every six months, minimum, in order to keep on top of things. […]

More SharePoint Web Parts

In my last blog post, I went over several of the types of SharePoint web parts that you can utilize in your companies SharePoint site. Let’s jump right in and see a few more! Maps You have the ability to embed a map directly in your SharePoint site. This feature […]


What Can SharePoint Do for Your Company?

SharePoint has been around for a long time but wasn’t affordable for small business until recently. Many small businesses are finding SharePoint to be very useful for many things beyond a place to keep your documents. The Modern SharePoint experience has a sleek and streamlined look, which has the look […]

Good news and Thank you

Thank you First things first. I would like to thank you for being our customer. We enjoy working with each of you. This is a time of great change in how everything works in computer world. We’re seeing the shift to the cloud come into every aspect of work life. […]

You represent the majority

CompTia is a trade organization for IT firms and they produce some excellent research for us. I was recently reading their report on SMB (small and medium business) firm priorities and perception of IT services and came across the graphic below. It is from the Bureau of Labor and shows […]

Lagging behind costs businesses revenue and profit

The Harvard business school recently completed a study on how businesses are performing relative to their adoption of new technology. The results were pretty startling. It turns out that the technology advantage goes to those firms that view change in a positive light not to those that spend more. We […]