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One of the biggest challenges in Cloud is getting all of your Cloud needs to integrate with one another so you don’t end up paying multi-fees to multiple companies with multiple usernames and passwords! When you don’t have a standard it can lead to serious problems. At Harbor we’ve selected only the most trustworthy application and service providers to work with. We work deeply with each of them to make sure that your Cloud services work well with each other and stay secure. We can offer nearly any solution in the Cloud.  We’ll also support the Cloud applications that you choose.

But Cloud isn’t everything. If we know that you’ll be better off keeping some things in your office we support that too and we’ll explain why we have that opinion. It’s called Hybrid IT. Some things in your office; some things in the cloud and everything working together well. We always use the best solution for the job.

Cloud and Hybrid IT solutions have many advantages including:

  • Redundancy
  • Ease of mobile access
  • State of the art security

We are your local source for Office 365 and Azure expertise

Most people stop their Microsoft 365 deployment after eMail, OneDrive and maybe SharePoint. That’s a shame because you’ve paid for over 25 applications in the suite and we want to see you implement the ones that make sense for your business. The base of our Cloud offering is Microsoft 365 plus Backup. It includes so many great features at a very affordable cost to build your Cloud solutions upon. Integration is the key to working productively in the Cloud.

We can help you reap the rewards of a modern IT infrastructure while avoiding the pitfalls because we’re not just ordinary technicians we also care about your business and its success