Accounting and Legal IT support services

Harbor Computer Services has been providing IT support, security and directional insight for the finance industry for 16 years. Our first customer was a business accounting, stock brokering, financial legal council firm and we still count them as a valued client today. Our legal and financial clients trust us.

  • You have critical deadlines
  • You work some crazy hours
  • Your clients trust you with their most private information
  • You’ve got a lot of different applications that need to work together

Over the years we’ve built up a good relationship with a number of different software vendors and we’ve built up a knowledge-base of how legal and financial software operates and inter-operates with other software packages. We are well versed in the practical implementation of the compliance regulations to which you must adhere. From firewall configurations to encrypted email and archiving to data security, we can do it all.

Let’s Get Started!

We can support both Cloud and On-Premises solutions so let’s talk about how we can join your team. Give us a call today at 248-850-8616 or send an email and let’s schedule a meeting.