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Between now and the end of March you might notice the presence of a new app in Office and Teams. It’s called My Feed and it is a timeline of activity related to you and your files.

This feed allows you to receive notice when files that you have worked on have been modified by you or by someone else. It also allows you get back to things that you’ve worked on recently, very quickly. If you’ve working in a file, you can come here click on it and start up again. All of your collaborators on the file will be informed that you’ve made an update to the file too.

Importantly, it also lets you see who else has access to this file.

There’s been some confusion about this. The visualization of this information doesn’t change the permissions on anything. It is merely a recounting of what has happened in the past. If you are seeing files, or you see that people have access to files that they should not, then we need to adjust where those files are stored and who has access to them. Permissions creep is a real thing that happens quite easily. Sometimes files don’t get stored in the right location. Sometimes a new location for files is required. As time goes on things change and so adjusting this is a normal part of good file hygiene.

This is case of, if you see something – say something. Then we can help you make the adjustments necessary to the places and processes needed to keep your data organized and secure.

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