Microsoft Bookings is now included in your Microsoft 365 Subscription!

Are you finding that making customer appointments is a hassle? You should try Microsoft Bookings, which is now a part of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft describes Bookings as “an online and mobile app for small businesses that provide services to customers on an appointment basis.”

Any business who books regular appointments can benefit from bookings. Bookings works directly with your Outlook calendar and uses your availability to allow others to book an appointment using available time slots. You can define when you are accepting bookings, so you can schedule out a lunch break or days off with no worry that someone will book you for those times.

Bookings is a self-service application that allows you to add your booking interface to your webpage or Facebook page. No more phone tag! Your customers can book an appointment right from their phone or computer 24/7 without having to call!

As an administrator of your bookings, you can track your customer preferences, manage employee lists, set hours available, and customize how your staff and appointments are scheduled. You can also manage your bookings on the go using your mobile app.

How to find Bookings

To get to bookings, go to your Microsoft 365 homepage at Select All Apps and find Bookings in the list of apps. If you do not see Bookings, give us a call to make sure it’s turned on for your portal.

Choose your calendar or create a new one.

If you chose to Add a booking calendar, enter your business information.

Now you are in your bookings interface where all of the magic happens! While I’m not going to go into the full process of setting up Bookings in this blog post, we would be happy to assist you with training or setting it up for you! Just give us a call.

Your Appointment setting process shouldn’t be a time-waster. Stop using those messy and tedious spreadsheets and free up some time for you and your staff! With Bookings full integration into your Microsoft 365 subscription, your new appointment setting process will free up time and money.

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