This is why your Junk mail folder contains more good email now

Hopefully you’ve noticed that more good email is ending up in your Junk mail folder. If not, then you’ve probably missed some email that you might have been expecting. It’s quite annoying, I know, but there’s a reason for it and it’s out of our hands. Let me explain.

Microsoft made some improvements on the servers that deliver your mail recently. This was in response to the increase in the amount of phishing email that has been plaguing absolutely everyone. This has caused a significant tightening of the “good email” rules. These new rules are dependent on the sender, sending email from a well configured server. Of course that’s a BIG dependency and it means that no amount of us whitelisting the domain or the email address is going to let email from a poorly configured server through to your inbox. Of course not all bad guys are lousy at configuring mail servers and not all businesses use well configured systems. This is why you’re going to see more good email in your Junk folder that you used to.

Because of these new rules, we are going to making some changes to your email configuration too. We want to make sure that you aren’t ending up in someones junk folder due to these new rules. I’m pretty confident that you aren’t but these changes will put us on the best possible footing and set us up for the future too.

(here’s where it get a bit technical)

We are going to be adding additional security signatures to your email. These are called DKIM and DMARC. Together they help the receiving server know that your email is really coming from you. They do it by providing an extra set of DNS records for them to verify and also by providing a two-key system to add a layer to the security. Vaguely the equivalent of choosing your secure wifi rather than your guest wifi when you need to communicate with your bank. Office 365 provides this technology. We just need to configure it. We’ve tasked ourselves to do that over the coming month. You should notice no change at all. What is is going to do is guarantee that your email doesn’t hit the Junk folder of the person that you’re sending to.


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