We are implementing anti-vishing controls

Starting today, we are formalizing our anti-vishing controls and this directly impacts your service experience. What is vishing? Vishing is voice-phishing. Meaning, someone is trying to trick us into thinking that they are you, for the purpose of gaining access to your account, your business or your data. The goal might be to ransom your business or it might be to steal your person and run up bills in your name. In either case, we want to protect you from it.

The need for this is real. The prevalence of spoofed phone, text and email has risen dramatically and the ability to even fake voices is on the rise with all of the new AI tools.

The new procedure

For all data access, password resets, MFA changes, new employee additions and anything else that changes who can gain access to your network and data, we will require a second level of confirmation that the request is legitimate.

For example, if you email we might text you or call you to verify. If you text us, we might email you.

At our staff meeting, we ran through a bunch of different scenarios and discussed the options that would fulfill to goal while being the least intrusive and cause the least delay.

We are always walking that line between security and productivity. Secure and friendly. So while there will be some level of annoyance and some small amount of delay, the security outcome outweighs it.

Thanks for understanding and for helping us keep you safe.

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