Now Accepting ACH Payments

We have some good news. We are now welcoming ACH payments for goods and services. If you need to order hardware, software or pay a services invoice you can now do it via ACH to us. This will save you and us the 3% credit card fees and it also gives you the option of speeding up the ordering process. We think it’s a win-win. We will be emailing you the account and routing information, including it in our quotes and invoices.

How we did it: As you know it is difficult to keep business banking safe these days. Business accounts are not insured by FDIC and online banking transactions are not guaranteed either. Further there is a 24 hour time period to dispute  ACH bank transfers. This puts businesses at risk. It means that if you allow online banking there’s no recourse for you to recover lost funds should your username and password get out. The onus is completely on us to keep our bank accounts safe from predators.

Because of this the number of accounts that our business has, has grown tremendously over the last several years. We now have accounts with no online banking access what so ever and some that are more promiscuous. Those accounts with online access have minimum funds in them to keep our risk as low as possible while still allowing us to do business in a modern way.

Fortunately our credit union understands the risk of online banking to businesses and the business manager upon hearing of our inquiries and concerns came up with a solution for us. Our goal was to allow ACH but not put our funds in jeopardy. For the ACH account we have opened a new deposit only account, then to further enhance the security we added an alert that will text and email should a withdrawal occur. In this way, we have given ourselves the information necessary to be able to file a dispute within the deadline timeframe.

I recommend that you consult the business manager at your credit union or bank and review your business accounts for security. You may find that they have some excellent suggestions for protecting your business.

– Amy, Harbor Computer Services

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