There’s so much new happening let’s recap

Periodically we hit a period where a lot of new things happen in technology. We’ve hit that point and I’ve been sending out news after news and I know that can be fatiguing so let’s do a short recap and summary of each.  I also have a couple of new items for you at the end.

Your Computer is Going to Update to Windows 10: Windows 10 is the new operating system from Microsoft. It will be sent down from Microsoft as a free upgrade to every computer. This will happen automatically. There are some actions we can take to postpone the upgrade and by default we will be taking that temporary action. However, it will only apply to domain joined computers. That is, computers that are in your office. If you have laptops that travel, people that work from home, independent contractors, personal computers, these are most likely not joined to your domain or managed. Those computers will update to Windows 10 automatically. For the rest, we will be asking you to select a couple of canaries to test with Windows 10 before we remove the block and allow all computers to upgrade.  Permalink to Your Computer Will Upgrade to Windows 10 Soon

Roboform: Is the password management tool that will remember all of your passwords for you, allow you to securely share passwords between employees and most importantly have a record of all of the accounts, usernames and passwords used for business purposes in your company. These days everyone has tens or hundreds of websites and applications that require account logins. If you’re using the same password over and over again it’s a security risk and a management problem. If you have people in your company that are the only ones that know the account name/password combination for particular applications or websites that too is a problem that Roboform can solve.  Permalink to There are Too Many Passwords to Remember

We fix cellphones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops: We’ve partnered up with a great firm to get these devices repaired. Getting a screen or battery replaced is much less expensive that buying a new device. In addition, if you have remote staff we can stage a ready to go replacement and have it shipped to them. Permalink to Now Repairing the Unrepairable

Azure Site Recovery: Finally we have a great cost effective solution for business continuity. If your servers are virtualized already then we can sync them into the cloud as whole servers. They stay in sync within 15 minutes. So if something happens to your office (fire, flood, theft) we can fire up your servers in the Cloud and you can keep right on working. It’s only $54 a month per server plus storage cost at $.024 per GB. It’s the best most affordable way to make sure your business keeps running no matter what.

No More Symform now Azure Off-Site Backup: Symform, the offsite backup solution was sold and we’ve seen continual problems since. We have therefore removed everyone from Symform and are suggesting that we switch you to Azure backup instead. The cost is very similar. Permalink to Off-Site Backup Changes

Skype for Business replaces Lync: Skype for Business is released. It interoperates with Skype but retains all of the great features of Lync. If you are using Lync, Skype for Business is the new name and there’s a new updated application to install on your computer.

Lastly, Google has implemented the preference for mobile websites: In the original blog post I said that it was coming, well it’s here. Google is boosting websites that have a readable mobile site in the rankings. So if you depend on your website for marketing and haven’t yet setup a mobile site, then you’ll by default show up lower on the page.  Permalink to Necessary Website Changes

A couple of new items…

Welcome Bruce: Bruce Alexander has been with us for a new months now. A lot of you have seen him and talked to him. We’ve also had him working behind the scenes on various projects and maintenance activities. Bruce is fully trained now and will be assigned to some of you as your primary contact very soon.

Office 2016: The next version of Office is closing in on release. For those of you with an Office subscription the upgrade will be available in the coming months. Ted is our beta tester on this and sees it as a minor upgrade with no noticeable issues discovered. Looks like it’s going to be smooth.


– Amy

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