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Two important messages

On Tuesday you received a quite messed up blog post email from me about two important messages. It was two combined into one email and the video’s I promised were missing. I think that MailChimp the service that we use for delivery must have been having a bad day because […]

Introducing Ayana Shy

We have a new staff member at Harbor that I’d like to introduce you to, her name is Ayana Shy. Yes, a female. I know that many of you still miss Diana and let me tell you that it isn’t easy to find women in this field. We are a […]

The Biggest Announcement

This is the biggest announcement that Harbor Computer Services has ever made. It represents future continuity of business. Ted has been working for Harbor since 2003. During that time he’s been gradually moving up in responsibility and has recently taken on the role of managing operations, allowing me to focus […]