Recycling Your Old and Unused Equipment

Pandemic Clean Up

In March of last year, your office became a ghost town, a shell of what it used to be. Everyone packed up their necessities and began our journey into remote working.

What happened with the equipment that you left behind? As we slowly move back into our offices and take inventory of our equipment and other office items we’re finding some things to be unnecessary and redundant.

Let’s start clearing those items out and making more worthwhile use of your space!

We are now able to accept electronic recycling items!

Let’s get that spring cleaning wrapped up and let us know about your recycling needs!

For our clients, this service is free of charge with the exception of Hard Drives. We charge a $45 fee for the proper destruction of your hard drives. The destruction of your devices is done in-house and do not rely on a 3rd party to do this. You can rest assured that your data will be safe!

Unfortunately, we cannot accept CRT Monitors. (Those big heavy off-white monstrosities that we used to have on our desks.) CRT Monitors contain toxic materials that cannot be recycled.

Here is a list of items that we can accept:

  • Computers, Laptops, and Servers – $45 charge for Hard Drive destruction
  • Monitors – with the exception of CRT Monitors
  • Cords and Cables
  • Keyboards and Mice
  • Portable gadgets, game systems, MP3 players
  • Phones and Phone systems
  • Digital Cameras
  • LCD, Plasma, LED TVs
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Networking equipment, including Switches, Modems, and Routers
  • Docking Stations
  • Cell Phones
  • DVD Players and VCRs

Give us a call or let your Tech know that you have some items for recycling and we’ll be happy to schedule a pick up or just grab them on our next visit!

About Harbor Computer Services

Harbor Computer Services is an IT firm servicing Southeastern Michigan. We work exclusively under contract with our clients to provide technology direction and either become the IT department or provide assistance to the internal IT they already have. We have won many awards for our work over the years, including the worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2010. Most recently we were recognized as one of the top MSP’s in the nation by ChannelFutures coming in at #40 nationwide. And in 2016 as the top Michigan IT firm for Manufacturing. There are a few simple things that make Harbor Computer Services the best choice for your business. •We are Professionals •We are Responsible •We care about your business

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