Two important messages

On Tuesday you received a quite messed up blog post email from me about two important messages. It was two combined into one email and the video’s I promised were missing. I think that MailChimp the service that we use for delivery must have been having a bad day because the blog posts themselves are fine, just the email that you received that is supposed to be an exact copy was not fine. In addition, one was supposed to be delivered on Friday and the other on Monday but instead they showed up co-mingled on Tuesday. Ah technology is wonderful…when it works.

I’d really like you to read these so I’m sending along the links to the posts to you.

The first one is the important announcement that we’ve opened up registration for another Office 365 day of learning. As this is our third such event, we’re narrowing the focus down. This event is not for IT people. It’s for real every people. We’re not going to over tech you In the morning we’re going to talk general security both in Office 365 and the Internet in general. In the afternoon we’re going to talk about Productivity by using your new Office 365 applications. . It’ll be an example fill afternoon showing you how to eliminate double entry and some other nifty solutions for every day frustrations. I need you to register for this now and to invite your friends.

Getting more from Office 365 – June 19th

The second post is about the new version of Windows 10 that is coming down now. I’ve included some of the best new features and 1-2 minute video’s to show them to you.

A new Windows 10 arrives April 30th

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