Getting more from Office 365 – June 19th

I’m writing to announce that our latest Office 365 event will be held on June 19th at the Microsoft Office in Detroit. Customers of Harbor Computer Services and your referrals can attend for free. So if you have a friend, customer, vendor that is using Office 365 please invite them! Tell them to put your name down as the referral source.

Here’s what we’re going to be covering on June 19th.

Morning: Security, security and security. I’m going to talk about the trends, what is hitting small businesses and how to avoid becoming a victim. We’ll have some Office 365 features to tell you about that can help protect you too. We’ll also solve some mysteries for you.

  • How does Facebook know that I just ordered cat food from Amazon?
  • How does click bait work?
  • Why we’re going to be getting rid of passwords
  • What is the Microsoft graph?
  • How do you identify scams?
  • What is hitting other businesses in the area?

Afternoon: Productivity, apps and solutions to business problems.¬†Every business has many of the same productivity problems revolving around double entering data, checking to find out if something happened yet, notifying people in the next step of a process, keeping templates standardized, etc. We’re going to show examples of how these problems can be solved using the applications in your Office 365 subscription.

These are going to be non-technical educational  talks appropriate for business managers and staff that is empowered to make decisions.

Please sign-up right away to reserve your space and please help us spread the word. Remember anyone you invite can also attend at no charge. Please go here to register now:

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