Important: Required onsite visit form

Here we are again, having to be concerned about keeping our employees and your employees safe. Having spiked in the last two weeks, Michigan’s covid numbers are the highest in the nation. Sadly we’ve even surpassed our previous high and hit a new record in the number of cases. This pandemic is exhausting us all.

Last time the numbers were this high, we had to shut down onsite visits. I’d like to avoid having to do that. This time around 100% of our staff is vaccinated with Pfizer and boosted as well. We have a very good crop of people that are conscious of how their actions might effect others and they have taken it upon themselves to be in the best health possible when visiting you.

At Harbor, our staff will often make multiple stops in a day, hopping between clients. This means that they are being exposed to many people, in many different environments for long periods of time. We don’t want them unduly exposed to colds, flu or especially covid and we also don’t want them bringing that exposure into your offices either. We are very cautious in our professional and personal lives so we can continue to be in a state of health.

Unfortunately, recently we’ve experienced multiple situations, where we have not been informed of a covid outbreak at a clients office until we are already there and working. These outbreaks, if they came to us, could cause health and financial harm, due to illness and quarantine requirements. Therefore, we need your cooperation. We need you to inform us if your office has covid cases, and even if you have other active cold/flu cases before we arrive. We’re willing to continue to go onsite provided you are willing to be upfront and honest with us.

Starting Monday, we are asking that you complete a short form verifying that there is no covid outbreak in your business and also inform us of cold/flu cases as well. This will help us prepare ourselves for the visit and schedule it appropriately. Your tech will provide the link to the online form at the time of making the appointment. They will not be able to visit you until you’ve completed the form.

We really appreciate you taking the safety of our staff into account and helping us navigate this pandemic. We’re all hoping that we can get thing behind us.

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