Microsoft Forms Now has Attachments!

Microsoft recently rolled out a new feature for Forms. You can now include attachments to Form entries. This is a game-changer for a few applications. In the past, we’ve had to make other workarounds for appending attachments, which could get confusing, and rely on your users to follow some detailed instructions, which is fine but leaves more room for errors. Now that Microsoft has incorporated attachments with Forms, it opens up a whole new set of possibilities!

Take the Work out of it

We’re always looking for ways to help you make your business run as seamlessly as possible. Updating work processes is a big part of that. Make the tools that you have work for you!

Having an attachment automatically sent to a location for you will eliminate emails, eliminate the need to move files, and will free up time to work on the things that really matter!

Microsoft will do the busy work for you!

What Can I do with the Attachments?

Ok, so that sounds great. But, where are the attachments, and what can be done automatically? Attachments appended to a Form will be stored in OneDrive by default. From there we can use Power Automate (formerly Flow) to route those attachments however you like. Here are some examples:

  • Rename the attachment based on other field responses. For example, the attachment can be renamed based on the username, date, or other info submitted in the form, such as SarahBrownExpenseReceiptJune262020.pdf.
  • Move the attachment to a different location in OneDrive or SharePoint based on form responses. For example, Purchase requests can be routed to folders based on the type of purchase request.
  • Add the attachment to a SharePoint List as a separate field.
  • Email the attachment, along with the form responses to a specific person or persons.


Big Idea

In what work processes would having Forms with attachments be useful? Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Expense reports with Receipt attachments – Eliminate emails and put all items in one spot without having to hunt for them.
  • Job application with resume and cover letter attachments – Same as above, you can eliminate countless emails with the hiring processes! Route them to a SharePoint list where you can sort and filter any way you like!
  • Maintenance or Work Order requests that include pictures – Alert only who needs to be alerted sorted by specific types of work needed.
  • Product or shipment issues with attached pictures – Keep all product issues in one spot.
  • Maintenance reports with pictures of damage or progress – Stop hunting and matching reports with corresponding pictures.
  • Warranty Claims with attached pictures – Eliminate emails from your customers! Streamline the process to be sorted by Manufacturer or product type.
  • Progress reports on lengthy jobs with pictures of progress – Sort all progress reports by project, client, or date. Keep them all together in one spot!
  • Request for Quotes with attached specifications – Automatically sort by product type or date, never have to hunt for emails with specs again!
  • Purchase Requests with the attached catalog or other information – Sort by manager for approval, product type, or requesting person automatically!

The possibilities are endless!

Look at your current processes. Where are your time wasters? Can you make this a Form? Let the Microsoft 365 suite do the work for you and get the value from your tools that you already have! We would love to brainstorm these ideas for you and get your office running as efficiently as possible! Work smarter, not harder.

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