Website Backup, Maintenance and Security

we're in the website maintenance businessI’ve reached the end of my rope for tolerance of bad website hosting. Businesses are being hurt by it. Websites are getting hacked left and right and no one seems to have a backup so it can’t be replaced easily. Websites are out of date. They don’t have basic SEO tools. They aren’t protected from hackers. They don’t look good on small screen mobile devices. So many problems.

Enough of that

We offering to take it over. We’re coming at this from a different angle that a website design or hosting firm would because we aren’t that. We’re an IT company that cares about our clients businesses.

Most of our clients need a simple brochure website:

  • that is modern,
  • looks great,
  • SEO’s well,
  • gets updated easily,
  • is backed up and secured.

That is exactly what we’re offering to provide.

Once your website is in the WordPress format for $250 a quarter we’re going to take care of it for you. We’ll load it up with our tools for backup, SEO and security. We’ll show you how to update the content. We’ll let you know when the search engine companies change things around so you can keep your site in the rankings. We’ll even have new templates for you to choose from and a bunch of plugin’s with which to add features. As with everything we do, we’re here to help you make money. A well functioning website will do just that.

So if your website is out of date, you aren’t sure that it’s backed up, or there are any problems at all with it. Let’s talk. Maybe we can help. Business doesn’t happen without the Internet. Today’s brochure is the website and most people search for you before they pick up the phone or send their first email. Websites are more important that ever.

Here are a few samples of the websites that we’ve helped with: Give us a call to get your website the protection it needs.

Let’s Get Started!

We can support both Cloud and On-Premises solutions so let’s talk about how we can join your team. Give us a call today at 248-850-8616 or send an email and let’s schedule a meeting.

websites need fresh content to rank well

websites need local information to rank well websites must look great on small screens