Introducing Co-Pilot

Today Microsoft announced a new product called Co-Pilot which will become part of Microsoft Office. Co-Pilot is how Microsoft is bringing the power of AI into your everyday work. Co-Pilot can help you design, summarize, analyze and more. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the release as it arrives into each product and providing you with more use ideas, training and suggestions.

Meanwhile has a look at this short 1 1/2 minute video (no sound required) for a preview. You’ll find it really good at giving you an idea of what’s to come.

Concerned about AI?

Some people are concerned about AI and those concerns are legitimate. We always have people bent on using good tools for evil purposes. Just look at computers! The OpenAI project was started as a way to get to market first and keep AI in the hands of good people and away from evil. As the primary investor, in this and other AI projects, Microsoft has spent a good deal of time and effort in developing industry standards for the use of AI. You can read more about those ethical standards in Microsoft’s website, Our approach to responsible AI at Microsoft and in their published Microsoft Responsible AI Standard v2 General Requirements document.

If you missed my previous post about Microsoft $13B investment (so far) into the development of AI you might want to catch up on that too.

Getting started with AI

To get started training yourself on how to use AI, you should start by using Bing for search. Bing is now OpenAI powered and it will provide you with both traditional search and AI search.

You may also enjoy trying out Microsoft Designer. Designer allows you to create images by simply describing what you’re looking for.

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