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One of the ways that you can start using ChatGPT’s latest version without having to pay is to use it through Bing. Microsoft has invested billions into OpenAI so that this can happen. They are calling it Co-Pilot and it won’t be just in Edge and Bing. It’ll be all through Office applications very soon too. Let’s look at one of the ways to use it today.

Use Edge

In the Edge browser you have the option to turn on a sidebar. This sidebar is customizable and contains the important quick access to AI, your Co-Pilot, as Microsoft calls it.

Click the … in the top right corner of the browser and select Settings. Move down to Sidebar in the menu and turn the slider for Alway show sidebar, as shown below. You can customize as you like but maybe start using it first and then make adjustments.

To open your Co-Pilot, click the stylized B at the top of the sidebar. This will open a panel, where you can ask a quick question in chat, compose a paragraph, an email, a blog post or a list. Below you see that I’m looking at a post about one of our clients memories of winning an important award.

This prompted me to wonder what the cost of a Ford model T was compared with the cost of cars today. So I click that stylized B to open the sidebar.

As you can see, below, AI isn’t perfect. The T confused it a bit and it took a hard right into Telsa, which I was not interested in. It’s a good reminder that AI isn’t perfect and also can’t tell the difference between truth and untruth. But notice that what you do get are the list of references used by the AI to generate the reply to your question. Helpful!

So I persisted by asking some additional questions about monetary conversion. Now I know that the price range would be between $8,000 – $12,754.91.

Seems like a reasonable price? But if you’ve seen them at The Henry Ford, then you know that they have an area where you can put one together yourself in about hour with simple tools. Fun to do, but oh so different from today’s cars. Windows hadn’t even been invented yet!

Which leads me to the Compose area of Auto-Pilot where I ask it to produce a paragraph about the differences between a Model T and todays cars. I first ask for it in the “professional tone”, then I ask for my paragraphs in a “funny tone”.

It goes on and on and on and on about all of the missing features when I ask for paragraphs in the professional tone.

Professional tone response

What are some of the features that a model T automobile is missing when compare with todays automobiles?

The Model T automobile was a revolutionary invention that changed the world of transportation in the early 20th century. However, by modern standards, it lacked many features that are now considered essential or desirable for a car. Some of these features are:

  • Safety: The Model T had no seat belts, airbags, crumple zones, or brakes on all four wheels. It also had a high center of gravity and narrow tires, making it prone to rollovers and skidding. The top speed of the Model T was about 45 mph (72 km/h), but it could not stop quickly or steer precisely at that speed.
  • Comfort: The Model T had a simple suspension system that consisted of transverse leaf springs and a solid axle. It offered little cushioning from bumps and vibrations on rough roads. The seats were made of leather or cloth, with no padding or adjustment. The car had no heater, air conditioner, radio, or windshield wipers. The windows were fixed and could not be rolled down.
  • Convenience: The Model T had a complicated and unconventional way of starting, driving, and shifting gears. It required a hand crank to start the engine, which could cause injuries if the crank kicked back. It had three pedals on the floor, but none of them controlled the throttle. The left pedal was for the clutch and low gear, the middle pedal was for reverse, and the right pedal was for the brake. The throttle and spark were controlled by levers on the steering column. The car had only two forward gears and one reverse gear, which were selected by a planetary transmission. The driver had to coordinate the pedals and levers to change speed and direction smoothly.
  • Performance: The Model T had a four-cylinder engine that produced 20 horsepower (15 kW) and 83 lb-ft (113 Nm) of torque. It had a low compression ratio and ran on low-octane gasoline or ethanol. It had no oil pump or oil filter, and required frequent lubrication and maintenance. It had no fuel pump or fuel gauge, and relied on gravity to feed fuel from the tank to the carburetor. It had no water pump or radiator fan, and used thermosiphon to circulate water through the engine block and radiator. It had no electrical system or battery, and used a magneto to generate electricity for the ignition.

These are some of the features that a model T automobile is missing when compare with todays automobiles. While the Model T was an innovative and affordable car for its time, it would not meet the expectations or needs of most drivers today.

Funny tone response

What are some of the features that a model T automobile is missing when compared with today’s automobiles? Well, for starters, a model T does not have air conditioning, power steering, seat belts, airbags, GPS, radio, or even windows. It also lacks a gas gauge, a speedometer, a horn, a brake pedal, and a reverse gear. In fact, the only thing that a model T has in common with today’s automobiles is that it has four wheels and an engine. And even those are not very reliable or efficient. A model T can only go up to 45 miles per hour and gets about 13 miles per gallon. It also requires frequent maintenance and repairs, and can break down at any moment. So, if you ever find yourself driving a model T, you might want to pray that you don’t encounter any traffic, hills, potholes, or bad weather. Otherwise, you might end up stranded on the side of the road with no help in sight.

Notice that in the first one, it wrote that there was a pedal for reverse. But in the second one, it told me that there was no reverse. Why? Because it doesn’t know. What it has is different information from different sources. It’s the old garbage in – garbage out problem for computers. One of those answers is probably true.


Insights provide you with more information about a company or product or service on the website that you are currently viewing. So, I click in Facebook to take a look at the Grissim Metz Andriese website.

I get some accurate and some in accurate results. First, because the website is called GMA | Home on the browser tab, Co-Pilot can’t tell the difference between GMA and GMA and some others GMA’s and even a GMB.

But if I scroll down a bit further, I do get information specific to the website itself.

This highlights a problem that I’ve been wondering about. Because AI digests the whole of the internet and not just SEO, keywords, and other tricks to get your website noticed, won’t we need to make some changes so that we’re getting recognized for the things that we want to be recognized for?

I think that the answer is here is clear. Yes we will. Unfortunately, we really don’t know what that is going to be exactly. We can at this point only stumble upon it, as I did with this process.

You might want to start stumbling around your own content to see if you’re being represented in the way that you want to be.


Start using Co-Pilot but remember that AI isn’t perfect, the Internet hasn’t been adjusted yet to help it produce better results and largely the whole thing it still Beta at best. Still, there’s a lot of use we can get from it and a lot we are going to be learning.

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