How Microsoft Forms Can Save Money

Create a Microsoft Form for Work Orders            

Handling small administrative tasks can become bothersome, time-consuming, and money wasters. Whether trying to cover every possible outcome or putting band-aids over processes to keep them running, many of your organization’s processes can quickly become over-done with red tape.

One of the best solutions for many of these types of mundane tasks is to create a Form in Microsoft Forms and tie it with Power Automate (formerly Flow). Of course not every task will be a candidate for this solution, but think about what types of tasks in your office might be beneficial to do this way. Automating tasks is one of Microsoft’s goals to help you get your business running as efficiently as possible.

I am going to walk you through how creating a Form and Power Automate to automate the task of creating an internal Work Order for a Maintenance Department will save you time and money!! This type of process can become unnecessarily time consuming and a big waste of resources. Let Microsoft do the work for you!

The Scenario

ABC Company currently uses a very manual process for work orders. Check out the process below. Pay attention to how many of these steps are manual. Try and imagine how much time each step will take. How many users are involved? Can any of these tasks be eliminated to put your employee resources to better use?

The New Process

Now let’s look at a new process. This process cuts out many physical steps. Notice how many times you see an “automatic” process. Notice how many employees are needed in this process. How much time do you think each step might take?

The Comparison

Your employee (Originator) is still involved in sending the Work Order, but the process is paperless and does not require the use of a printer or scanner. The employee doesn’t need to send an email, cluttering up their sent box. The employee receives an email only when the work has been completed.

Where is your Maintenance Dispatch person? There are no tasks for Maintenance Dispatch in this scenario, freeing up valuable resources that can be put to better use.

What about the maintenance worker? You’ve eliminated the need for a radio, which can be costly. Sure, the actual maintenance task still has to be performed, but the administrative side of things is practically eliminated. The maintenance worker receives a text message, checks a SharePoint list right from their phone, then checks a box when the work is complete.


Your Microsoft 365 subscription gives you an extremely valuable set of tools at your disposal. Learning to use these tools to save your organization time and money can be a daunting task! That’s why we’re here. Harbor Computer Services is always available to help you utilize your entire toolbox to get the most out of the resources already available to you. Stop throwing money away on outdated processes and see what Microsoft 365 can help you get done more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

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