Refine Your Search in Teams

Once you’ve been using Teams for a while, you might find that you need to go back and reference a previous conversation in Teams. Have you tried scrolling through a conversation in Teams Chat? It’s not ideal. This is where your Search function comes into play.

You can search for text within a group chat or a one-on-one chat in Teams. You can specify the chat you want to search or you can do a general search that will look through all of your conversations.

General Search

To do a general search, go to the search bar at the top of the page in Teams. Type in the search phrase. For example, I want to search for the term “Outlook” look at the results below:

You can see that the search results are listed to the left. You can click on each result and it will take you directly to the conversation that contains your search result. This is extremely handy when you remember having a conversation in Teams that you need to go back and refer to.

Search in a Specific Chat

Go to the specific chat that you want to search, then press Ctrl +F buttons. This will bring up the /Find function in Teams and add the specific location. Then enter the term that you want to search.

Filter by Date Range

If you want to search a specific date range, select More Filters under the Messages tab. Then select the date range that you want to search.

Use a Wildcard

As with many search functions in other applications, you can use a wildcard to search. A wildcard is a character, usually an asterisk (*) that means an unspecified character or group of characters.

In the above example, I searched for Out* using the wildcard. This will search for anything that begins with “out”. My search results includes text with the word “out” and with the word “Outlook”.

Search for an Exact Phrase

You can search for an exact phrase as well by putting quotation marks around your phrase. When I search for “Outlook issue” including the quotation marks, I come up with the following results:

Scrolling through text in Teams can be very daunting and a time-waster. Don’t waste your time looking for previous conversations that way. Use some of these tools in this article and add them to your personal toolbox!

Make your technology work for you, don’t work for your technology!

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