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Out of convenience, and during the pandemic out of necessity, more and more processes are being done digitally. The technology is there to do lots of things on your computer that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

One hurdle that workers need a work-around for is signatures. You can fill out a form online and do all kinds of stuff, but when it comes to a signature, there needs to be an easy way to add that to a document without having to print out each page, sign it, then scan it again. Why not a picture file with your signature on it that you can insert into any document?

Here is the proper way to do that:

Sign your name on a blank white sheet of paper.

Scan the Image

If you don’t have a scanner handy, no worries. There’s an app for that! There are several scanner apps for your phone but I recommend using Office Lens. Here is a previous blog post on how to use Office Lens.

In Office Lens I changed the image to black and white and I cropped it right in the app. You can also crop the image in the document once you add it, but If you crop it beforehand, you won’t have to do it every time.

Crop the image

Change the Image to Black and White

Export the Image

You can save your picture file wherever you like, there is no correct way to do this.

I chose to send mine to OneNote and then saved a copy to OneDrive. You can do the same or save it to your hard drive.

Bring Your Image Into a Document

In your document select Insert then select Picture, then This Device.

Find your picture file in the location in which you saved it and insert it into the document.

You may have to play with it to get it just right. Make sure that the background of the signature image is perfectly white or it will look dirty or grainy on the document. Also make sure that you crop the signature as close to the edges as possible so that the signature aligns better.

There are may ways to automate your work and Microsoft 365 gives you a lot of options! Enjoy this time saver when signing your future documents!

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