You Should Be Using OneNote to Organize Your Work

What is OneNote?

OneNote is your personal electronic notebook. You can capture almost anything digitally, take the parts you like or need, leave the rest behind. Whether you are working on your company portfolio, designing, collaborating, or planning, OneNote is the perfect place to store your ideas, notes, and more to have as a reference. Your OneNote notebooks can be either personal or collaborative.

Organize Anything!

I love OneNote because of its versatility and ability to put things in an orderly fashion. OneNote will help you organize almost any type of media… Here are some examples:



Who does OneNote benefit?

If you’re an organization nut, OneNote is for you!

If you’re a messy Marvin, OneNote is also for you!

Whether you are good at organizing or not, OneNote makes it easy. OneNote works seamlessly with other Microsoft apps. You can send things directly from your mobile device to OneNote using Word, Excel, a website link, even scan something using your camera on your phone! With this kind of flexibility, OneNote works out for a vast range of business types and user types.



How is OneNote Organized?

OneNote is designed to be like a digital version of a three-ring binder with tabs. The OneNote notebook is the equivalent to the three-ring binder itself. The OneNote Sections are the equivalent to the tabs of the three-ring binder. And the OneNote pages are the equivalent of the binder’s pages.





What Are Some of the Uses of OneNote?

You can have a OneNote notebook for just about anything. You can use it for Home, School, Work, and More! Check out some of the ideas listed below:




OneNote is one of the most versatile applications by Microsoft. It comes FREE with all Windows 10 installations! Give it a try and see what you think. And don’t forget, we offer training on OneNote and all other Microsoft applications! Give us a call and we’ll get started!





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