The Internet of Things

When I hear the phrase “Internet of Things” my first thought is “what a stupid name” but I’m going to have to get over it because it appears that this naming convention for devices connected to the Internet is here to stay. By devices I means things like the Nest thermostat and security cameras in my house and the Nest thermostat, security system, smoke detector, door locks and sprinkler system in yours. In business the Internet of Things includes all of those same items plus monitoring systems via sensors in manufacturing equipment, printers, time clocks, electrical usage, hvac, inventory control, IP phones and more. It’s just starting to be a real mess of Internet connected devices. What they all have in common through is their connection to the Internet and their inherent insecureness.  These devices are running on simple sensors that don’t have the room for the complexities of hack or unauthorized use detection. We have to rely on a gateway device to provide the additional security that is needed to keep these devices from running amok and causing problems. Without external security they can be easily accessed and turned into bots with bad intentions or their data gathered a directed elsewhere. So before you plug in that new gadget, let’s have a talk about how we’re going to keep it secure.

Here’s a short video that does a decent job at describing what the Internet of Things is.

– Amy Babinchak, Harbor Computer Services

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