New Staff at Harbor

I’m sure that you’ve noticed our staff changes recently. There have been a bunch of them as we try to bring in the best talent with a knowledgebase to support your hybrid cloud environments. As I’m sure you are aware finding good motivated and talented people these days is more difficult than ever. We create the new user accounts and remove the old ones from your servers so we know that many of you are feeling the same pain. On the up side, I’m pleased to say that the effort has paid off and we’ve got an amazing team in place now that is larger than ever. Let me quickly introduce them.

Parrish Todd is back with us. He briefly moved on to another career choice but then thought better of it and came back to us. We’re happy to have him return. He’s got 20+ years experience in IT and is a solid designer and troubleshooter with excellent customer service.

Bruce Alexander also has 20+ years of experience and fantastic customer service dedication. His experience with Office 365 and server solutions is very welcomed

Alaa Fakhoury (just Al) is our youngest member but as he told us “computers chose me”. Al had a business similar to Harbor in Damascus, Syria but had to leave the Country and luckily for us he chose to immigrate to the USA.  He has a deep concern that everything is done right and by the book.

Misty Kinczkowski, yes she’s related to Ted. In fact she’s married to him. Misty is assisting Missy in the office and will be taking over Accounts Receivable. I’m sure there will be no confusion what so ever between Misty and Missy for you. (she said with tongue firmly in cheek) She’ll also likely be assisting with cookie delivery later this fall, so if you see an Elf that looks a little different than the one you’re use to, you’ll know why.

We have pictures of everyone on our website if your curious what they look like.

I do expect to keep hiring. Harbor is growing and we still have need for more staff but we’re going to take a short breather before the next round. Plus we have to make sure that everyone is in line with the Harbor way of doing and documenting before we make the next leap forward.

I hope that you’re enjoying working with this new staff. From my perspective it seems that having Ted as their coordinator has really helped smooth the process. It’s been our goal that this is the case for you too. If there’s any hiccups, things we should work on, stuff you’d like to talk about in general please email me or Ted. We’re always available.

– Amy, Harbor Computer Services

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