Reboot Your Computer At Least Once a Week

Do you know the last time you rebooted your computer? I’ll give you a minute here to think about it. Most people don’t know when was the last time they deliberately rebooted. That’s a problem. Rebooting your computer not only assists with installing updates, it resets your hardware, software and apps, and flushes any stagnant issues that you may not even be aware of.

I can think of lots of reasons why not to reboot… Don’t want to lose your place, In the middle of a document, you have browser tabs open that you want to get back to later, etc. Well, all of those things can be saved.

What Does a Reboot Do?

A reboot does lots of things! In a recent blog post , I compared rebooting to running the garbage disposal. Things can get awfully stinky if you don’t run the garbage disposal… same with your computer. Let’s look at a unexclusive list of things a reboot does for your system.

A Reboot does this:

  • Clears up Search Issues – Every time you use a search function it pulls from a lot of different places. These places can all have background functions running long after your search is done.
  • Flushes Memory (RAM) – Every app you have used since the last reboot will most likely still have processes running in the background. Each of those processes takes up memory and can slow down your computer. A reboot stops all of those processes.
  • Stops Memory Leaks – Related to the above item, when you close an app, it doesn’t always close correctly. The app could still be running in the background, even if it’s not showing up on your taskbar. This causes your RAM memory to drain fast.
  • Clears Bluetooth and other Wireless Issues – A reboot will reconnect those wireless connections with a fresh connection.
  • Increased Performance – Due to the above points and a few others, your overall computer performance will increase.

Clear out Emergent Issues

Not only does a reboot increase your performance and clear out memory, it also fixes many emergent issues.

Check out this blog post from a few weeks ago:

Emergent issues could be any of these items or more:

  • Your computer is running hot.
  • There are updates available.
  • New Hardware is installed.
  • Your fan is running loud.
  • New Software is in stalled.


You get to work first thing in the morning and see the dreaded “updates available”. Sigh. Goan. Gumble. It’s tempting to ignore it but you should never ignore those updates!

Updates contain important items that could be crucial for performance or security!


But why are updates so important? Updates can contain a lot of important stuff, such as:

  • Patch Security Holes – cyber criminals are always working to find new ways to scam you. Software makers are always looking for ways to patch any of the holes that scammers find. Your updates will include those patches.
  • Removes bugs – Bugs in the computer world are little glitchy things that can happen with your software. A bug could be anything from a little screen flicker to a blue screen of death! 
  • Software and Operating Improvements – Often developers will attach little improvements to enhance your experience.
  • New Features – New features of all types are constantly being developed. They are usually rolled out with updates.

Updates are not just for Operating Systems

Windows, iOS, and Android are all operating systems and we know those updates come in fairly often. Your apps also have updates! Microsoft 365, Media players, Web browsers, Adobe products, and more will all have periodic updates. They are also just as important as your operating system updates!

Reboots can be a minor convenience, but they are necessary in order to keep running smoothly and securely. Don’t skip them. While your machine is rebooting try one of these activities:

  • Bathroom break
  • Refresh your beverage
  • Take a lunch break
  • Go get that thing out of your car that you forgot
  • Make that phone call you’ve been putting off
  • Clean up your desk
  • Take a quick walk and enjoy the sunshine!

Just remember, Rebooting is not a waste of time!

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