Thank You and a Reminder for End of Year

This is just a short note of thanks to everyone who has sent a compliment our way recently. We’ve been getting a lot of them and it really feels good. Rest assured that the message is always passed along to Parrish, Scott, Missy, Ted and Evan. It’s been hard work and a lengthy process but seeing the guys working together as a team and doing good work for the clients they are responsible for makes it all worthwhile. It is very heart warming when we get that note for you, so thank you very, very much for noticing our hard work. It means a lot to us.

End of year stuff

On a somewhat related note, Ted has been contacting those of you that we haven’t had a casual sit down meeting with recently. We like to do that from time to time so we can hear from our about your business, because the more we know the better our recommendations will be. What you are your plans for the next 12 months? Moving? Expanding? Shrinking? New lines of business? Older lines of business fading? Technology is changing so rapidly right now that we really need to be careful in planning.We can meet you just about anytime. Before the work day at a coffee shop? No problem. Lunch? Sounds good.

There is not as a great a tax reason to make your purchases before end of year as when the extra right-offs were active, but if you’d like to make some purchases then please be sure to do so by end of next week to account for potential extended shipping times.

Look for our cookie elf to show up pretty soon! I hear that she might be wearing a new hat too!


Happy holidays everyone!

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