Introducing our new staff

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new staff members. We are trying for a third too but are having difficulty finding qualified people. There is a serious lack of people in the IT industry that are experienced in current technology and that is hampering our ability to hire. Many IT people are on the market but they possess outdated skills and aren’t up to date on the needs of business today for security, compliance and modern work. Still, we have our advertisement out there. Fortunately we’ve been able to find a couple of stars.

Ericka Branon has 20+ years of experience in IT for Ascension and Siemens. She brings excellent analytical skills and a wide breadth of IT knowledge. Ericka has completed her MS-900 certification in Microsoft 365 fundamentals. In addition to her helpdesk responsibilities Ericka is in charge of your darkweb identity security, anti-phish training, automating security group join and exits and website maintenance tasks.

Greg Bastien has 6 years of experience in IT for CCR and Grid4. He brings a small business IT background working for competitors in our local area. He loves automation. In addition to his helpdesk responsibilities, Greg is in charge of joining all of your computers and registering phones to Azure Active Directory, getting them enrolled into Endpoint Manager and deploying the Defender for Business sensor to all devices.

As I mentioned previously we are changing up the way that we are focusing our efforts. The job is far too large for everyone to understand the details of every aspect of identity, security, automation, desktop management, compliance, just to name a few. We are still going to be assigning every client a single point of contact for helpdesk issues but behind them are a team of certified specialists.

Harbor Computer Services is an IT firm servicing Southeastern Michigan. We work exclusively under contract with our clients to provide technology direction and either become the IT department or provide assistance to the internal IT they already have. We win awards! Recently we were recognized in the gratitude category for our corporate culture by dBusiness magazine.

There are a few simple things that make Harbor Computer Services the best choice for your business. •We are Professionals •We are Responsible •We care about your business

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