Addressing insider risk

Work from home has resulted in a new risk category of concern – insider risk. This might not be what you think of when you hear the term insider risk. But insider risk is any risk brought from an employee to your company. The risk I’m currently concerned about is work from home.

We have ways to address this risk. We can create policies that have to be met before business data is accessed.

  • Enforce the use of business owned applications
  • Require a level of security on the computer be met
  • Make sure that business data doesn’t end up on the home computer
  • Introduce device management to the home office computer
  • Require the use of an Windows 365 virtual computer

The people of Harbor have been working from home since 2000. We know how to arrange this so that your data stays secure and risks are not introduced by working in a decentralized manner. For most businesses the flow of workers from the office to home and back again is here to stay. Workplace flexibility has been found to be an advantage that businesses want to keep.

Let us know when you’re ready to address this issue.

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