Using analytics and tools to improve productivity and happiness to thrive in life

Microsoft is measuring Thrive as a key employee productivity measurement. Can small business do this too? I would argue that they can do it better. We have the tools. We have better personal relationships with our co-workers. Our employees should be happier and more productive as a result.

Microsoft has adjusted how they are measuring employees in the wake of recent changes to work. No one is the same since 2020. Instead of measuring productivity alone, they are measuring an employees ‘thrive’ level. Thrive is a balance between work-life and home-life but as they describe it is different than work-life balance.

Microsoft Viva Insights can help employees learn how to be more productive. Productivity is a skill that can be learned.

With Just 1 Word, Microsoft Made a Big Change to How It Measures Employee Success. It’s a Lesson for Every Company |

In the article, the difference is described as being an employee’s level of being energized to do meaningful work. We all know that a person that keep busy all day but not accomplish anything important and significant. That’s a sign that they’re in trouble.

Blocking out time to focus on what’s important prevents others from filling my calendar

Employees that are thriving at Microsoft have:

Five fewer hours in the workweek
Five fewer collaboration hours
Three more focus hours
17 fewer employees in internal network size

That doesn’t mean that you should hold those as your goals. Instead what you should do is identify those high thriving people in your company and analyze the work traits that make it happen. What are they doing differently?

Viva suggests emails that might be related to a meeting I have scheduled

There’s a tool called Viva Insights, it’s not a Microsoft spy, it’s part of your personal robot army, that provides an employee with information about their week. How much time did they spend in meetings. How much of their time was available for focused work? This tool empowers employees to make a change in their work-life and root out the causes of unproductive time and carve out time for focus.

Thriving is also about being considerate to others

Your staff might not realize why they are getting these emails or the power that it gives them to make critical changes that will benefit the business and their own ability to thrive. Teach them. Let us help you. We’re ready to assist our clients in educating their staff on how to use these tools.

A reminder of commitments I’ve made to others helps me focus on what’s important

Remember my philosophy that IT has no purpose other than to make a business great. This is one way that that vision can be realized.

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