FBI Threat Intimidation Guide

Things are a little on edge right now. With the upcoming inauguration and recent attacks on our Capitol, we all have endured stress that comes with uncertainty and general unease. Threats and intimidations come in many forms and can cause varying degrees of harm. The good news is that there are resources out there. If you or anyone you know is being threatened or intimidated, please read the guideline at the bottom of this post.

Remember that you can report any threats to the FBI by calling 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-225-5324) or by visiting www.fbi.gov/tips.

How many times have you ever thought to yourself, “it’ll never happen to me”? Probably a lot. Chances are that it won’t happen to you. How many victims once thought, “it’ll never happen to me”? Probably all of them. It’s better to know and understand what you can do.

What Kinds of Threats?

The FBI investigates several different types of threats. The main types are:

  • Terrorism: Both international and domestic terrorism are a key focus of the FBI. Terrorism includes violent or criminal acts by individuals or groups inspired by ideological, political, or religious ideals.
  • Counterintelligence: Spies come in all shapes and sizes. Secret information being passed to other governments or bad actors. Today’s espionage tends to be in the cyber world.
  • Cyber Crime: Crime that is carried out via the internet.
  • Public Corruption: Whether it’s governmental officials, private entities, or individuals, the FBI investigates public corruption of all kinds.
  • Civil Rights: The FBI takes civil rights violations seriously. Citizens have a right to political and social freedom.
  • Organized Crime: This goes beyond the mob. Organized crime includes any group that has gained powerful influence and is carried out in large scale.
  • White-Collar Crime: Including corporate fraud, insider trading, or other financially motivated crimes.
  • Violent Crimes: Crimes involving violent acts.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Explosives and other weapons aimed at causing harm on a massive scale.

For more information, visit: www.fbi.gov/investigate

Threat of Intimidation Methods

The FBI has divided the types of threats into the form in which you could receive them. They are listed in more detail in this attachment that you can download HERE. Here is a brief explanation given by the FBI on all 4:

  • In-Person Threat: “A physical in-person threat is when you are in imminent danger because of the close proximity of the person making the threat”
  • Phone Threat: “A threat received by telephone.”
  • Electronic Message Threat: “A Threat received via the internet through direct messaging, email, or social media” This includes SMS (Test messaging)
  • Cyber Attacks: “A Cyber Attack can compromise your electronic device and personal information”

A Little Bit About Cyber Crime

While all of these items could possibly affect your business, Cyber crime is where Harbor’s expertise come into play. Our consultants are all well-versed in cyber threats that may harm your business.

We go above and beyond the latest recommendations to keep your business safe from cyber attacks, but as we’ve mentioned before a lot of that falls on you and your workforce! We highly recommend training for each individual on a regular basis. Not only do people tend to forget, but cyber crimes are constantly evolving. The newer technologies create newer cyber threats!


Threat Intimidation Guide

This guide, issued by the United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI for short is a guide for what you should do if you believe a threat is currently taking place or is going to happen in the future. Read over it, it could save lives!

Download Here

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