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Scams and more scams

There are so many more scams out there. The number is multiplying by rates that we’ve never seen before. I thought I would highlight an example that we’ve seen recently. You may not get this exact scam but it will give you an idea of what to look out for. […]

Alert: New Phishing Email

Warning. Contains offensive language. There is a new Phishing email scam going around and it’s making it through spam filters. I’ve received two of them in the last two weeks and the second one expanded to other people in the company as well.   What is phishing? A phishing email […]

Alert! Continued Comcast Routing Problems

We’ve had an enormous amount of problems with Comcast routing over the last month. It manifests itself as Internet drops, slowdowns, disconnections and it’s been inconsistent. We’ve pulled out all the stops. Both Parrish and Ted have put in a huge number hours behind the scenes working through various levels […]