Emergency Apple Update; Why we fall for the hack

This week Apple released an emergency patch for all of their devices. Your phone, ipad…everything has a patch waiting to install and it’s an important one. Please open settings on your device, then in the General menu item you’ll find software update. Click to install.

Why we fall for the hack

So far in 2021, ransomware attacks are up an astonishing 1000% and it’s not like they were starting from zero or some other small number. In my entire career, which is now getting lengthy, this is the scariest time. I’ve been saying this for a few years now and every year the numbers just keep going up. Why?

The Wallstreet Journal has an interesting article out on the unconscious bias that hackers have learned to exploit in us. We learned a lot about unconscious bias and how it can be manipulated in the last few years. Technology has yet to catch up and be able to help us, so we have to become more aware and more cautious.

The biases the article points to are these.

  • Loss Aversion. We’re afraid our inaction might cause us to lose something.
  • Authority bias. The message appears to come from someone we respect.
  • Urgency bias. If you don’t do this now something bad will happen.
  • Halo effect. The message is from a brand we trust
  • Present bias. Choose to do this now for an immediate reward rather than wait for later.
  • Availability bias. This looks just like something I recently did
  • Optimism bias. I’m too smart to fall for scams

The WSJ provides some excellent examples for you in the article. The most important take-away from it though, is to slow down, remember that they are trying to trick you, don’t trust yourself and most importantly remember that we’re here to help you. Always, always, always ask the question – Is this legit?

You can read the article using this free link, via my WSJ subscription. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-hackers-use-our-brains-against-us-11631044800?st=8oj16xfs3zfuqoq&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

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