Criminals texting scams to your phone

It’s likely that you’ve already seen scam texts to your phone. The question is, did you recognize them? Texting scams to phones is a very effective way for criminals to get you to give them information, access to your financial resources, or maybe even just give them money straight away. Why are text messages suddenly getting an increasing number of scams? Because text is being used to receive security codes, to get confirmations and to quickly chat with friends and family. It’s somehow seen as more secure and therefore trusted. The truth is that text is the most insecure method of communication you have on your phone. And it’s not a secure method to receive security codes either. Text is broken and it won’t get fixed because it’s not possible to make something secure that was designed to be insecure.

Detecting text scams

Here are a couple of samples. The lesson is, don’t ever click on a link in a text message. If there could be an issue with your cellphone plan, a utility, your bank, a shipment, do just like you would do on your computer and go the website for that service and log in. If they have an important message for you, it’ll be there waiting for you.

Above. This text is not from anyone I know. I can tell because there’s no name and no picture, just a phone number. The URL link is from the website which is clearly not AT&T wireless.

Above. This text is not from a phone number but instead supposedly a text service that I subscribed to, except that I didn’t. Package from who? The URL is pretending to be a legitimate FedEx site but including those letters in its name, but is not

What should you do now?

  • Let everyone know that text scams are on the rise
  • Remember that text is not a secure method to use for MFA. Use the Authenticator app instead.
  • Never click on a link sent to you in a text
  • If you think that the text might be alerting to you a real problem, then visit the website directly.

The bad guys, the criminals, work tirelessly to find ways around security measures and ways to make people think that it’s OK to click and that you can trust them. Education is the only way to stop scams.

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