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Introducing Ed Rempala

I’m pleased to announce that Harbor has added another employee. Ed Rempala comes to us from Delta Airlines where he supported the network at the airport. Ed is looking forward to the variety of work that Harbor provides and the chance to really put his Microsoft certifications to work. As […]

2013 MVP Award

An MVP has passion for the profession. Each person is awarded for a year for the work that they did on behalf of the IT community in the previous year. Nominations are made by other MVPs, peers and Microsoft employees. After the nomination each MVP is asked to submit a […]

Saying Farewell to Diana

The times they are a changin’ at Harbor. We’ve enjoyed a long period of stability in employee retention with Ted at nearly 10 years and Diana 8. We’ve been a cohesive team completely jelled in our thinking and actions. We’ve added a couple of new people at the beginning of […]