Alert: Beware the Microsoft Phone Scam

Two of my friends were called by “Microsoft” this week. Be on the lookout for a call from “Microsoft” because it’s a scam. I think you should laugh at them, as Mitch did. Excerpt from The World According to Mitch, below.

“I knew something was fishy when the phone rang and the Call Display showed a call-back number of 666-035-3612 because, as we all know, 666 is the area code of the beast. I wait…ed the five seconds for the auto-dialer system to connect me to a real operator.
‘Hello, my name is Gary from the Windows Technical Department. I am phoning you because we have been receiving a series of errors from your computer this week indicating several vulnerabilities, and I am calling to help you to fix them. Do you have a few minutes? It is very important.’
Try as I might, I couldn’t help myself from bursting out laughing, but after a few seconds I answered ‘Ok, how are you going to help me to fix them?’
Gary was put off by my laughing and asked why, emphasizing that this was a very serious matter, and that I could be facing serious financial and legal repercussions if I took it lightly. ‘Computer Security is very important and if you do not take it seriously by following my instructions it will cost you. So why are you laughing?’
When you get to this point hang up the phone. It’s a scam. They just want your credit card and to install some spyware on your computer so they can get your online banking info later.

Be careful out there. – Amy

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