Price Increase Announced for Client Access Licenses

Today our distributor gave us the heads up that the price of User CALs (Client Access Licenses) is going up by 15% on December 1st.

A CAL is a client access license. It is the license that allows your account to successfully login. Microsoft is raising the price because one User CAL allows you to login using multiple devices. So when your phone, ipad, laptop, desktop all connect it only requires a single license because you always log in as you. They realize that most people now have more than one device that they are logging in from and so they have raised the price because of this increased use.

We appreciate that our vendor let’s us know these things in advance. Most of our clients are at the correct CAL count at this time and won’t be affected. However, if you are planning to add to your employee count soon it might be worthwhile to make that purchase of those CALs before Dec 1 and save the 15%.

Amy Babinchak, Harbor Computer Services

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