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Marketing for Manufacturers

I came across this blog. The theme is digital and traditional marketing for manufacturers. Norman Wright is the author of this blog and I thought there were some very good tips. It would be worth subscribing to, even if you aren’t in manufacturing.   Here are 12 action items […]

Healthcare Bill & Very Small Businesses

I received a summary of the health care bill that just passed from our senator. There wasn’t much for business in it, just this one item. Thought I would pass it along. It was in the effective immediately category. Small businesses will get a tax cut to help them pay […]

Interesting Tax Credit for 2010

This article from US News and World Report, just crossed by my twitter account today. Mostly the article is about your tax credit options from the 2009 small business stimulus bill (small business defined as 15 million or less) but there’s a mention of 2010 as well. In particular this: […]

Cloud Services? Virtualization?

You might be starting to hear a lot about Cloud or Internet based applications and maybe even virtualization. These are the current BUZZ words in the world of IT. Less you think that Harbor isn’t on top of the latest technology I thought I would point out some of the […]

New Intel Tablet

It’s not often that I hype a product but then I’ve never really been in love with a computer before. You probably read that our love affair with Dell has ended and Equus as an Intel builder is our new friend. One of the things that first brought them to […]

Representing you at MVP Summit Next Week

I’m off to the Microsoft MVP Summit next week. This is the annual event where Microsoft’s developers get MVP’s from around the world into a small room by specialty where we thrash their current products and argue for feature adds that we think would benefit you. Much of what we’ll […]

Life without Dell

“Dell Inc. will spend $3.9 billion for the technology services company Perot Systems Corp. in an attempt to expand beyond the PC business” “Dell’s purchase of MessageOne, coming on the heels of its acquisition of EqualLogic in November, may signal that the manufacturer is looking to build its own storage […]