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Dangers of Online Banking

I read an article recently that claimed that most people do not realize that they are not protected from unauthorized withdrawals from accounts where they have enabled online banking. Think a fraudulent withdrawal of funds to your commercial or business banking account is limited to $50, like a fraudulent credit […]

Security in the Spot Light

This week has brought forth the following security breaches. Sony LockHeed Martin RSA SecureID International Monetary Fund CIA Citibank An excerpt from yesterday’s hearing: Testifying before members of the U.S. Congress in confirmation hearings to become the next Secretary of Defense, Panetta said a large-scale cyber attack on critical infrastructure […]

Fake Domain Conflict Emails

Recently we have received calls from several clients that have received a notice via email of a domain name conflict. The short story is that it should be ignored. The email that you receive looks like this: From: Oscar Hu [] Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:46 PM Subject: Domains […]