Internet Explorer 9 Soon To Be Installed

About a month ago Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9. It will now begin to arrive on your computers with the next update cycle. Ted was our Beta tester for IE 9 and has been running it since the very first beta was available nearly a year ago. He’s been through the pains to the gains and reports that it’s a fantastic upgrade.

However, as with all recent Microsoft application releases in addition to new features there is also a new look and feel.

Web-focused browsing

Windows 7 integration


Tracking Protection

There’s a lot of new stuff in IE 9, but the links above will take you a few under 1 minute video’s that show off some of the new features. To sum them all up, IE 9 has better integration with Windows 7, is more secure that ever, has better download security, allows you to prevent website from tracking you so those annoying ads will have a more difficult time finding you and it’s fast, really fast.

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