Our Favorite Mobile Things

Mobility is really taking off. Everyone is getting smartphones, netbooks, laptops and handheld devices. For those of you looking to make them better, or still shopping I thought it might be helpful to tell you about our favorite things. This list is gleaned from our own usage of these products.


We love the iPhone and all of our technicians have one.

Pain Points? Spell Check and iTunes. Battery life is not outstanding.

Handy Free Apps? Maps, Weather, Yellow Pages, Bing, Sodoku, Yelp,  MoShare (sharepoint) and of course Angry Birds.






We have two Windows Phones. They are pretty new but we love these too. Battery life is better than we experienced with the iPhone. Having Word, Excel, OneNote. PowerPoint and Sharepoint built-in is wonderful for the business person on the go.

Pain Points? Too many clicks to turn off the ringer. No favorites list for quick phone dialing.

Handy Free Apps? Maps, Weather, Yelp, Bing, YouTube, and RunSat




This is the Jabra Cruiser. It’s a hands free speaker phone device for your car. Its amazing. Cuts out road noise so well that the person you’re calling won’t even know you are in the car. It has an FM transmitter built in so you will hear the caller from your cars speakers. Simple to use, it automatically connects to your phone via bluetooth when ever you’re in range and it has a 3 day battery life.

Bonus? It uses the same power cord as the Windows Phone.



favoriteThe Intel NOBI. It’s a rugged notebook and tablet all in one. Powerful enough to run all of your apps in a 10” lightweight package. Rugged to a 3ft drop, waterproof and it has an anti-microbial coating. It also has built-in encryption so no one can ever read your data even if it gets stolen or they remove the hard drive. It’s the ultimate road warrior machine.

Bonus? This might sound hard to believe, but it’s a people magnate. Walk into any meeting, any conference, any coffeeshop, any Panera and you WILL be approached by more than one person asking about this notebook. Its everyone’s dream device.


Our least favorite mobile things? BlackBerry and Droid phones. They continue to result in high support costs due to lost connectivity and constant resetting. Droid has the additional problem of continue unpatched security issues.

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