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Windows SmartPhone Nov 7th

Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows Smart Phone. It’s been a long time since they last updated their phone software. So will it be worth buying? After reviewing it today, my recommendation is yes, if you use it for business purposes. The new Windows phone implements the […]

Android now fully supports Exchange

Many of you have asked about Android phones and until yesterday we have not been able to recommend them for business use because of a lack of security protections for your data. However, this has all changed, as yesterday an update was released that includes support for Exchange security policies […]

Buy a Safe Phone

The environmental working group is out with a very large study on which phones emit how much radiation. While somewhat controversial on whether or not the radiation emitted will cause you any harm, I don’t think that there can be any argument that less radiation is better than more. As […]

Back on the old phone number

Nothing like a little bit of chaos on Monday morning. We are back on our old phone number: 248-850-8616 Someone over at Comcast heard my pleas of “why oh why do we have to switch phone numbers when our office moves 5 miles”. After getting settled in with our new […]

Palm Pre

While doing my morning reading, I came across this from a fellow geek blogger. The Palm Pre implementation for Exchange ActiveSync mail is completely unsuited for enterprise companies. There is no support for remote wipe, enforcing password policies,etc. In fact, if you currently force the acceptance of these policies, you […]