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Part Two: Outlook Social Connector. Why you should care, even if you don’t use it.

This post is a continuation of this one: If you aren’t familiar with the Outlook Social Connector then you should read that post first. Here are few people that I am not connected to. Let’s see what they look like. The above people are randomly pulled from mailing lists […]

Headlines read malware attacks in 2010 greater than all previous years combined

From Malware growth has reached its highest levels, with an average of 60,000 new pieces of malware identified every day, according to the latest threat report from security firm McAfee. Cyber criminals are becoming more savvy and attacks increasingly more severe, said the threat report for the third quarter […]

A phony crisis in London

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Randi Lou Franklin. She is the owner of Inter-Lingua a firm that provides translation and interpretation services for many languages and specializes in medical, technical and engineering. I lost track of how many languages she speaks, oh and she’s a lawyer too. […]