An Interesting Trend You Don’t Want to Miss

Today I read an article by a leading IT news company, ZDNet. They took a look at Internet usage patterns to see how OS & Browsers use has changed recently.

They found a few things:

  • XP is being replaced rapidly
  • Apple hasn’t gain market share
  • Linux has lost market share

But most importantly they found something that they didn’t expect. That is that use of the Internet by mobile devices is climbing sharply. The movement is currently being led by Apple and Symbian through their phones.


They say that if you take the current trend then within 2-3 years 20% of Internet traffic will come from mobile devices. That means you’ll spend about 10 hours a week using the Internet from a phone, kindle, ipad, notebook type device. That might sound far fetched to some of you but I’m sitting here on a wireless Internet connection from a hotel in Texas writing this using a Netbook. During the day, I use my phone primarily for email, GPS, facebook and linkedin. I think I’m already in that future.

The market is about to be flooded with inexpensive devices that won’t help you run your business and will expose you to a range of security risks. Please be careful with your purchases. We will be testing and researching some of these new devices. So if you are thinking of purchasing one, please ask us how it stacks up.

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