Internet and Phone Solutions from Harbor

At Harbor we strive to provide you with full service on all of the technology pieces in your business. We gets calls daily about Internet outages, cell phone problems and multi-function copy machines. Over the years we’ve found that the most efficient path to getting these things up and running again is if we’re the partner of record on the account. The vendors are much more willing to prioritize our support issues once we established this relationship.

For that reason, we have worked to develop relationships with several companies for Internet and Phone connectivity.

  • Comcast – Cable Internet

  • cBeyond – T1 Lines with Mobile Phones options

  • Telnet Worldwide – T1 lines

When you are ready to make a change in multi-function copiers, T1 lines, Internet service please contact us so we can connect you with the sales person with these companies that we know will provide you with a great experience and will cement the relationship so when there’s a problem we can get you the support you deserve.

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