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A Must Read–Don’t Let This Happen To You

This article might sound very technical to most of you but I hope that you will bear with me and read it through because the concepts are very important. Basically, the “hackers” liked his Twitter handle, @mat. So they found his email address, and went to Gmail to […]

Part Two: Outlook Social Connector. Why you should care, even if you don’t use it.

This post is a continuation of this one: If you aren’t familiar with the Outlook Social Connector then you should read that post first. Here are few people that I am not connected to. Let’s see what they look like. The above people are randomly pulled from mailing lists […]

Understanding Social Media

Here’s a copy of the powerpoint that I did on Understanding Social Media. This presentation is for people that don’t understand what it is, why they want to use it and what impact it is having on doing business. We had 12 people attend the webinar. If you missed it […]