Part Two: Outlook Social Connector. Why you should care, even if you don’t use it.

This post is a continuation of this one: If you aren’t familiar with the Outlook Social Connector then you should read that post first.

Here are few people that I am not connected to. Let’s see what they look like.

Outlook Social

Outlook Social


The above people are randomly pulled from mailing lists I belong to on Yahoo and They didn’t even send email to me directly. Rather they posted it to a mailing list and that mailing list gets delivered to folder in my Outlook mailbox.

Outlook Social

This guy above didn’t email me either. He was simply copied on an email that someone else sent to me. There’s his photo.

At this date in history about 1/2 of the email I receive has a photo attached to it. I know what these people look like even though I am not friends with them on Facebook. I know this because they choose to allow basic information in their profile to be shared. This includes their profile photo.

So what if you don’t participate in any social media? Well then this is what you look like to me.

Outlook Social

Is not participating in social media the way to go? I can’t see your photo, is this a good thing? Today you’ll be in good company in my inbox because only about 1/2 of the email I get has photo. But riddle me this…in the near future when your clients look down the list of people in their contacts and they see your ghostly outline instead of your smiling face, how are they going to feel about you? I’ll argue that they won’t be drawn toward you. They’ll probably pass you over.

So what does this mean for your business? It means that the profile photos you post ANYWHERE will be seen by your business contacts. It means that what you do in social media IS part of your business right now and that same goes for anyone in your company that has an email address. There is very little separation between private, public and work anymore and very soon there will be none at all.

Does this pose a bit of a human resources problem for your company? Oh boy, the times are a changin’.

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