Recycling Update

Monday was America Recycles Day. At Harbor we’ve been into recycling since before there was a Harbor Computer Services. Heck I started recycling newspapers in 1975 as a way to earn money. My neighbors would save them for me and I’d load up the trunk of my mom’s Cadillac with hundreds of pounds of newspaper and she would drive me down to Roseville to Great Lakes Recycling to cash them in. It was a great way to make a few dollars as a kid. (aren’t mom’s great?)

These days newspapers are on the way out and besides the truck stops in front our houses and picks up the recycling. Unless it’s business electronics, that is.

For that last 10 years, Harbor has been recycling computers for our clients. There never was any money in it for us but the scrap yards were happy to take them after we’d removed your data. Unfortunately we’ve run into a dead end and our resources for taking the components has dried up.

Because of this situation, we’ll only be able to take the physical hard drives until we locate a new source.

The fee for hard drive recycling is $45. Missy or your technician will remove the old drive(s) from your computer. They will be brought back to our office where the physical drive is opened, the platen(s) destroyed and the metal recycled.

Remember that there is data housed on your PC’s, laptops, servers, netbooks, iPads, cell phones, external hard drives, USB (thumb) drives, backup tapes, copy machines, some printers and some scanners. We need to make sure that all of this data gets destroyed before disposal of the equipment occurs.

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