Sending an Email to Teams

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Sending an Email to Teams

Often we find ourselves struggling to find the best way to keep track of our work, projects, to-do lists, and general tasks. We all usually come up with our own method that works for us. But, what about when you are working with a team? One of the biggest struggles of people who work on projects is keeping your team members informed, up to date, and on task.

The Old Way

Before Teams, generally, you would have to save your email as a PDF, navigate to a shared file location on your network. You might have a similar work process in place using Teams, but I have a great shortcut for you!


You’ve seen the many blog posts that we have sent out regarding Teams and giving you tips and tricks on how to utilize it best for your group. Here are just a few:

Keeping your Team in the Loop

Keeping your Team informed as a project rolls along is the main struggle. Any Project Manager will tell you this. We all come up with our own methods, but as the technology evolves, our tracking and informing methods will also evolve.

Most of our clients are utilizing Teams in one way or another. Keeping track of documents, conversations and other items work great in Teams. But what about emails? Outlook is integrated into Teams with the calendar, but emails are not a part of Teams. Many projects have a lot of correspondence through email.

I have good news for you! With a couple of clicks, you can send an email directly to a Teams channel! This is extremely easy to set up and works like a charm.

How to Set it up

Did you know that every Teams channel has its own email address? To get that email address, click the ellipsis (…) next to the channel name. Then select Get email address.

Teams will then show a pop-up window with that email address.

Select copy to copy the email address to the clipboard.

Next, move over to Outlook. We’re now going to set up a Quick Step in Outlook to automate this process even further. This way you don’t have to remember that Teams channel email address or have to look it up again.

I showed you in a previous blog post how to set up quick steps in Outlook. Look at that post here: Use Outlook’s Quick Steps to Automate your Inbox

In Outlook, navigate to the Home ribbon (tab) and then to the Quick Steps section.

Click the little arrow at the bottom-right of the Quick Steps section to see all of the  Quick Steps options.

Start by selecting New below the list of Quick Steps. (Your Quick Steps will look different from mine.) Then Select Forward to:.

Give your new Quick Step a name. I’m naming mine “Repository Channel”. In the To section, paste the email address that you retrieved from your Teams channel. Then select Finish.

  • Side Note: For whatever reason, when you copy an email address directly from Teams, it adds a name and brackets < > around the address. You only want the parts that go between the < > brackets.

Notice that the new Quick Step shows at the top of your Quick Step list.

How to use your new Quick Step

From Outlook, select the email that you would like to add to your Teams channel.

Then select the Quick Step that you just created.

If you want to edit out any insignificant conversation or header/footers, you can do it now. Then select Send.

The Result

  • Note that it may take a minute or two to show up in your Team.

Go to Teams and see your new message. It will show up in the Posts tab of your channel.

Collaborating as a team is a challenge for everyone. Having your set of tools in front of you for collaboration is important! Let Microsoft’s apps handle some of the heavy lifting.

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