Introducing our Cloud

Once upon a time a cloud was a fluffy white thing in the sky, a dark grumbling rain bringer or a rapidly rotating vortex of destruction and chaos. Today The Cloud is a style of computer networking that leverages the Internet to provide additional mobility and access to data with minimal investment in hardware. The Cloud can also have the same characteristics of a cloud which why we have researched and developed expertise in business grade cloud services for you.

Harbor will only bring you business grade Cloud. Business grade Cloud has several critical components:

  • Ability to control your own data
  • Ease of movement in and out of the service
  • Ability to set and monitor data security
  • Redundancy
  • Data Backup and Data Restore
  • Privacy


Harbor Secure Cloud are subscription services chosen for their ability to protect your corporate data and enable you to work from anywhere.

  • Email
    • Protection – Anti-Spam, Easy Encryption, Live Archive
    • Hosting
    • Compliance Archiving
    • Compliance Encryption
  • Data Storage – Cloud Share, Web Share, Sharepoint
  • Backup – Cloud Share, Backup to Cloud (server and PC), Backup to Remote Location (server and PC)
  • Authentication
  • Phones – Mobile, Hosted PBX 

Because The Cloud is subscription based it can put significant pressure on monthly cash flow, which is one of the reasons why businesses will have a mix of Cloud services and on-premises solutions. On-Premises solutions however are evolving too and today we can implement many solutions that provide the benefits of Cloud without the monthly cash flow hit.


Harbor Private Cloud resides on installed equipment in your office that enables simple remote access, eliminates PC purchases and stores a copy of your Cloud shared data.

  • Servers · Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services), Virtual Servers, Virtual Desktops, MultiPoint (RDS and VDI)
  • Computer Alternatives – Thin Clients, Zero Clients (requires MultiPoint)
  • Data Storage – Local Cloud, Sharepoint
  • Bandwidth – Cable, T1 for Internet and Phone

We will be adding to our Cloud offerings as the market for them matures and more business grade solutions enter the market. Harbor will also continue to provide tradition servers and solutions.

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