Shanewaz Ahmed

Shanewaz joined Harbor about 3 months ago. You might be wondering how to pronounce is name. I did. It’s not as bad as it looks. It’s Shan-Waz. He came to us from the Oakland University IT department.

Shanewaz will be handling all maintenance activities for us. These are the things that we do in the background every month or quarter and includes software updates, backup verification and on-site visits to check PC status, firewall updates and lot of other tasks. He has performed the majority of these tasks for the last 3 months and will now be taking them over in their entirely for all clients.

This does not change anything with your assigned technician, except that in hiring Shanewaz I have lightened their work load significantly. We’ve already started to see the benefits accrue in knocking down our background task to-do list as well as a speed up in response time by the primary technicians.

Shanewaz was also a student at OU, however due to family illness had to leave the university. He intends to return part-time to complete his degree in Computer Science. He will also be pursuing certifications relevant to the work we do for our clients. We’ve all been really pleased with the quality of his work and are happy to have him aboard.

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